G1 Liners may just become your favorite piece of gear and the one you will use the most. End users say” It’s like sleeping in a cloud” and don’t let the light weights belie the performance and innovation packed into each liner. We build our liners with some of the most technical and advanced fabrics and insulations available and evaluate them in real world conditions worldwide so we know what performance to expect. G1 Liners are modular, they can be used alone or combined with other G1 liners, G1 Shells, other gear, vehicles, architecture, and in indigenous shelters and sleep systems making them very versatile. Light weight and compressibility was a priority, our liners are some of the warmest and lightest available. Developed in partnership with Soldiers over multiple deployments worldwide you will find surprising comfort and warmth whether in front of the fireplace or deep in the back country.

 Different insulation options let you build the level of protection you want from simple and light  to configurations designed for extreme exposures. All of our liners are Berry Amendment Compliant made in America with American materials. Our standard insulation is a 4oz/yd.  Primaloft, Gold…formerly Fusion, developed in partnership with the US Military, it is one of the warmest per weight insulations available with a clo almost as warm when wet and its ability to mitigate moisture issues is phenomenal. DWR and Nano treatments repel precipitation and stains while IR Compliant rip stop nylon exteriors have proven durable and effective. Silky smooth 1.1oz calendared rip stop nylon interiors work together with the exterior fabric and insulation creating a balance of resistance… for warmth and breathability…for comfort which enhances the movement of any moisture out and away.


 G1 liner is the go to for function; from a simple cover to a thermal shelter you will be surprised of all the uses you can put this one to. The 8’ length works well for tucking under feet and covering the head for that extra warmth while the 5’ width can be tucked under and gives the occupant plenty of wiggle room.  16 color coded loops help with orientation and rigging. A zipper can be added to facilitate a wrap which adjusts to different size backpacks and gear. The wrap offers access to equipment while its design offers greater warmth while static and varied levels of venting when active giving end users great control. Liner comes with stuff sack.


G1 Recon Liner

The G1 Recon Liner was developed with Special Operation Forces for ultralight expedient protection. Weight, compressibility, warmth and ease of use were all priorities in an “Uber Tempo” environment. The 6’ length is just enough to cover up with while the 5’ width gives the same ample coverage as our other liners, used to enhance a user’s existing gear this liner is very efficient. 14 color coded loops help with orientation and rigging. Zipper option for a wrap is available. Stuff sack included.


G1 Assault Liner

While the G1 Assault Liner can be used independently as an ultralight cover it is an ideal size to rig enhanced protection for other G1 Liners, G1 Shells and existing kit. Its 4’ length by 5’ width makes it easy to pack so you have it when you might just need that extra insulation. 12 color coded loops for orientation and rigging. This liner works well for smaller children. The Breathable thermal reflective option may have you believe it produces active heat, imagine that inside your sleep system or parka. Stuff sack included.



 G1 Shells work individually or together in combination with other G1 shells and G1 Liners enabling end users to rig a wide variety of shelters, hammocks, sleep systems, and other field solutions. Our Shells are waterproof, made with coated rip stop nylon with FR treatment in the Crye Precision Multicam pattern, they are available in a 40D and 70D weights.  The shells are versatile because of the articulations… Covers, overheads, walls, hammocks, and a variety of shelter configurations are just some of the uses. Foot prints can easily be adjusted so rigging in limited space can be accommodated. We use 1” and ¾” Mil spec. webbing loops ( depending on weight of shell selected ), they are sewn in at edges and seams, included are 3/8” shock cord loops at the ridge line web loops  with 1/8” shock cord loops at the corner web loops for easy no hassle rigging. You will find our web loops at the edges are doubled allowing for interior connections which allows for easy connections of liners. In a survival situation a waterproof membrane may just make the difference and is a critical tool for many situations. The reliability of waterproof and windproof material vs breathable water resistant material is reassuring and works in our systems because of the ability of our liners to mitigate moisture issues and by configuring shelters appropriately.

G1 Half Shell

With an 8’ length and a 5’ width this shell is a versatile light weight piece for the minimalist looking to interact more simply. It is the corresponding shell to the G1 Liner giving added wind and water protection when attached to the liner or used as an overhead. Cover, wrap and conceal your equipment…use as a wind wall, hasty shelter, ground cloth, solar still, etc… these are just a few solutions you may use the shells for.

G1 Recon Shell

The G1 Recon Shell is an ultralight shell for the fast and light end users, “Ounces make pounds”. It is the corresponding shell for the G1 Recon Liner and can be attached to the liner for increased wind and water protection. With a 6’ length and a 5’ width it packs so small you may not even notice it. It makes a great water proof emergency overhead, wind wall, ground cloth, etc… 

G1 Issue

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Issue Shelters

Individual, Survival, Shelter, Unit, Extended… is a  multi-functional shelter system developed to provide end users means to protect themselves in most environments, units can be connected to build larger shelters.  Each unit includes 2 - G1 Multi Shells, 2 – G1 Multi Liners and the accessories to rig a variety of shelters, hammocks, and other field solutions. The system can be used to enhance architecture, vehicles, and indigenous resources.  The G1 ISSUE is a compact highly flexible system that can be rapidly and easily deployed providing end users with resources for challenges encountered in the field.  Ideal for remote back country locations, its flexibility allows end users to vary foot prints, orientation, configuration, etc…The system is an ideal platform for integrate alternative energy pieces…ask us about this.

Other G1 Shells and Liners are built on the same modular system so pieces work together…


G1 Multi Shell

The G1 Multi Shell was developed to be just that, a waterproof shell that would give end users a tool for solving many field problems. The shell is the basic platform for the modular ISSUE, the shell alone can be used as an overhead, wrap, bed roll, hammock, shelter, wind wall cover, water collection, litter, etc… The articulated double 1”mil Spec web loops are sewn into structural edge seams with 6 web loop at ridge seam to provide rigging points for liners, poles, stakes, cord, other shells, antenna, lights, photovoltaics and other attachments. 3/8” web loops at ridge ends, ridge center loop, and corners assist in simple, quick and taught set ups. Available in 40D and 70D rip stop nylon, coated, FR, IR compliant Crye Precision, Multicam.                        8’ length x 8’ width.


G1 Multi Liner

The G1 Multi Liner is the corresponding liner for the G1 Multi Shell. This large insulated liner can be used in many ways; attached or inserted into a G1 Multi Shell configuration it will insulate the shelter or individuals and equipment inside.  16 color coded loops for rigging and attachments also help orient the liner, aiding in set ups, wraps as well as indicating head end  keeping contaminants at boot end. The liner is useful alone to build shelter configurations for both cold and hot weather environments, it can be used to insulate hot or cold items…we think you will discover many ways to use this liner.                                                              

8’ length x 8’ width                

4oz Primaloft Gold synthetic insulation                                                        

 Exterior and interior fabric and insulation level options are available, stuff sack included.                                 Contact us before ordering this item for options.